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Galaxy Note 2 is bigger, gorgeous, buttery smooth and faster say reviews

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  • Nov 20, 2012, 13:58 PM IST
Galaxy Note 2 is bigger, gorgeous, buttery smooth and faster say reviews, launches news in English

launches news in English

Samsung has formally launched the Galaxy Note 2 in India. With the launch many are speculating is ordering a piece will be worth it, but are looking for reviews of the device.

Here is your guide to what others have said about the device. So, read through to help yourself make a better choice.

Wired gives it a rating of 6 out of 10 calling it a “solid product with some issues”. In this August review Nathan Olivarez-Giles say “when the pen is near the screen, the display switches off the touch sensitivity, so you can rest your palm on the screen without interfering with the pen’s input. It’s not perfect — it didn’t always pick up my intended pen strokes, and drawing or writing on such a large, slick surface took some getting used to. But, without a doubt, using the S Pen on a tablet feels much more natural, much more ‘right’ than using the stylus on the Note phone.“

“Not only does bigger equal even better” according to Cnet UK.The review says “the ‘phablet’ with its massive screen, powerful quad-core processor, and quirky-cool S Pen stylus dazzled enough to earn the phone a coveted Editors' Choice award.”

“The beast is back” says ExpertReviews UK about this device. The review says this is an “excellent phone and tablet hybrid with a superior screen and improved stylus, but its size may still put people off”.

The Verge has given it a 10 on 10 on the scale of performance, 9 on 10 on battery life and camera and an 8 on 10 in the categories of design, display, reception, software and ecosystem. 8 is the lowest rating this review has given to this device.

StuffTV gives it a 5 star in its review and says “This is one seriously powerful device that treads the dangerous line between smartphone and tablet but ultimately comes out as a winner.”

Brent Rose of Gizmodo suggests you should buy this device “Only if you really, really want something this size. The Galaxy Note II is still too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet, but it's a very solid device for what it is (whatever that might be). Just don't blame us for your palm-cramps.”

Pete Pachal in Mashable mentions a lot of features in this device and says “… novel features, however, betray Samsung’s weakness: While they’re certainly welcome, they rarely extend beyond the pre-loaded apps on the phone. A single-frame preview is great, but I wish it worked with YouTube. Similarly, the tags you create in photos don’t translate to Facebook.”

TechRadar gives it a 4.5 out of 5 rating and says “the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 excels once again. The love-it-or-hate-it larger screen is perfect for viewing media, as one would expect.”

A Review in the Phandroid concludes “the ‘phablet’ is definitely here to stay.” This review says “Features like the S Pen and its full range of interactions with the phone add to the Note 2′s charm, but f the stylus isn’t enough to justify the extra size, you might be better off picking up a Galaxy S3. The Note 2, however, makes a solid choice no matter how you slice it.”

K.T. Bradford in DigitalTrends says that its design minimizes bulk, making a big phone seem slim and it runs the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system with a robust camera app. With an improved S Pen functionality and speedy performance it also boasts a large user-replaceable battery. The main disadvantages will be that some S Pen features only work in Samsung apps and the display resolution lower than previous generation

A review in the AndroidCentral says it “delivers thoughtful hardware and software improvements over the first Note, with solid build quality and surprisingly competent ergonomics. The screen is gorgeous, the camera matches the high-end competition, and the device’s performance and responsiveness are nothing short of buttery-smooth.” But on the negative side the review says “The sheer size of the Galaxy Note 2 will be a turn-off for some consumers. TouchWiz remains visually and structurally chaotic, with some minor annoyances.”

About the battery life of this device Examiner.com says it is “outstanding. It's much better than the battery life of the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5. However, the battery also takes a long time to charge.” Daryl Deino in this review says “This is the perfect device for anybody who doesn't want to carry a smartphone and a tablet with them. It combines all the great features into one.” In another review he says “The Galaxy Note 2 proves that Samsung has taken over Apple in becoming the greatest innovator of mobile technology.”

Today Dwayne Madden in AutooMobile writes “One of the best features of the device is multi-windows. …The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has changed the phablet world and it is the device that others have to beat. The Note 2 may look almost identical to the S3 but it offers much more, such as the S Pen, improved hardware and all the other extras such as Multi-Windows.

GSMArena in an October review writes “The Samsung Galaxy Note II is easily among the most powerful handsets in the US market at the moment. The presence of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board makes the device part of a really privileged club of gadgets…. The S Pen has also made quantum leaps compared to its predecessor.”

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