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Galaxy S3 Mini: Easy, good looking, great features but it's still no 'biggie'

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  • Nov 20, 2012, 11:18 AM IST
Galaxy S3 Mini: Easy, good looking, great features but it's still no 'biggie', launches news in English

launches news in English

With eBay India bringing the new Samsung S3 Galaxy mini to India at a decent price tag or RS 26999, most of you must be looking forward to the device.

Since the device has been inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is important to know if this actually is the Galaxy S3 in smaller size. This smaller 4 inch version does lags behind the Galaxy S3 in features, camera and in price. Will it be worth? Let us see what the reviews in leading tech reports have been saying about this smartphone.

Cnet writes, “The S3 Mini does bring a couple of features that will make it stand out from the smartphone crowd, and it should do well in emerging markets.” The review also says “A smaller S3 with all the features is one thing, but a smaller and less powerful S3 dilutes the Galaxy name. Sure, we see the need for a starter and budget-friendly smartphone -- the original GS3 can be a lot to handle, both for users and their wallets…”

Cnet Asia says “If you like the looks of the Galaxy S III, the S III mini should appeal. Loaded with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) right out of the box, the S III mini comes with Samsung's TouchWiz UI, which means you'll get the same features such as Smart Stay (where the screen doesn't turn off if it detects that you are looking at it) and S-Beam, a faster way of sending files using NFC and Wi-Fi Direct.” On the downside “to get it down to a mid-range level, Samsung had to make some compromises in the form of a lower 5-megapixel camera as well as a smaller 1,500mAh battery. If you're a heavy user, your battery probably won't last the full day.”

Stuff TV verdict is “If you want to save money and don't mind a smaller screen (and for dainty-handed gadgeteers that might be a benefit) then the Galaxy S3 Mini is ideal. But with the top of the line Google Nexus 4 available for just a bit more – or even an iPhone 4S if size is the key selling point – there are other options out there. For a premium quality feel and look, that runs fast enough to keep up with all but the most taxing tasks, the S3 Mini really is a worthy smaller sibling to its elder S3 brother.”

Techradar in its Hands-on Review says “We were impressed when firing open different apps, and the range of widgets is also decent, matching the S3 for the most part. There were some notable omissions in the experience when it came to comparing the two devices though; for instance, the S3 mini inexplicably has no auto-brightness setting, despite there clearly being a light sensor on the top of the screen.”The report mentions “… there's definitely a feeling that £300 for a phone of this quality is a little high.”

Engadget writes that the Samsung Galaxy S III mini is a slightly paler version of its bigger brother in specs as well as screen size. “Our own short time with the phone certainly revealed that its pushing all the same ‘inspired by nature’ buttons of the original Galaxy S III (and the Galaxy Note II), with the same exact rounded pebble shape and layout”.

GSMnation concludes “In all fairness, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini may not offer any competition against its older Galaxy relatives but it sure will put up a fight against phones like the SONY Xperia S an HTC One S. Having said that, you should definitely get your hands on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini if budget is an issue.”

The Bourne Post Online says “While we’re all for the idea of cutting down the smartphone experience to make the cost a little bit more palatable, the Galaxy S3 mini is still too expensive to be considered an ideal choice if you don’t want the heft of its larger brother.”

UK Hardware Info writes “Aside from the form-factor, nothing has changed at first glance. ... Given its name, it is however quite striking that the Mini is a bit thicker than its 'full-sized' brother. That's not necessarily a problem though, because this means that the device is easier to hold in and operate with one hand. Also, the combination of this extra thickness and the low weight (111 grams) gives a very natural feel in your hand, which obviously is nice for a phone that's supposedly built for humans.”

PhoneReviews UK “Apart from the advantage of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 Mini though, many might be surprised if they thought they would be getting the same phone as the Galaxy S3 but just in miniature, as the specs are nowhere near to it. This is clear from the less powerful processor, poorer camera capabilities, lack of LTE, smaller battery capacity, less internal storage, lower resolution display and less color options, all of which apply to the Galaxy S3 Mini and prove that in this case, size certainly does matter. In fact Jelly Bean is just about its only advantage unless of course you just prefer a smaller handset”. …But it is available at “half the price of the Galaxy S3”

Agent Hall in Geeksquad UK gives it a rating of 4 out of 5 and says “it doesn’t feel that much different to the full size S3.  Some applications are a little sluggish in comparison, the camera for example is a lot slower, but in general use, the phone is quick and smooth enough to feel like it deserves to be called an S3.”



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