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Hrithik Roshan launches Krrish 3 mobile game for Windows, iOS and Android

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Oct 08, 2013, 11:59 AM IST

The official game based on the upcoming sci-fi movie Krrish 3 is here on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Fans who are waiting for the release of the movie can now get busy with playing Krrish and beating Kaal till the movie releases.


Based on the most awaited superhero movie of the year this is a free, fast paced, multiplayer runner game is made. You can fight as Krrish during these amazing and intense free runs and enjoy the feel of carrying out crazy stunts in a real world scenario.


The game intends to provide the players with a chance to relive the superhero life, perform breathtaking stunts and use state of the art gadgets and weapons to take down the enemies. This running game is designed to be closer to reality to provide the players with a chance to relive the life Hrithik lives as Krrish and experience the adrenaline rush.


The players will have an option to choose between 4 characters to play with, Krrish, Kaaya, Kaal (exclusively for Windows) and Frogman. The primary objective of the game is winning a race by reaching the destination in the minimum possible time. The races are very super human and slightly parkour in nature. The game consists of the players racing through the rooftops of Mumbai, dodging obstacles, leaping between buildings and deploying gadgets to entrap each other. Throughout the game the players are always trying to outrun and trap each other using gadgets and their relevant skills.


In the next pages see screenshots of the game and see Hrithik Roshan at the launch event.


The Windows game can be downloaded free here.

For Android and iOS versions you will have to wait for some time.

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