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Launch and announcements expected at CES 2013

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  • Dec 10, 2012, 14:41 PM IST
Launch and announcements expected at CES 2013

The International CES 2013, Consumer Electronics Show is expected to take place in from January 8th to 11th next year. All eyes are set at the event where big launches and announcements of new gadgets are expected to happen. We also expect new innovations at the annual event.

We have Press conferences from Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Intel, Huawei, FujiFilm, NetGear, Ford and many other biggies at the event. Here’s a look at what all interesting gadgets we might expect at the CES 2013.

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    Intel processor based devices

    Intel is already partnered with smartphone manufacturers to introduce Android smartphones in India. The company is known to be working on a new processor to take on the popular ARM processors which are hugely used in tablet devices. The Intel processors are known for their inefficient power consumption.

    Intel has also partnered with Google owned Motorola Mobility to introduce smartphones using single-core 2 GHz processor. Currently, only one model uses this processor, the Motorola Razr I.

    Intel has already said that it will demonstrate a range of new mobile devices, including smartphones, convertible computers and ultrabooks powered with the Intel chips at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, 2013. 

    [Image: Motorola Razr I and Lava Xolo X900]

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    110 inch LED Television from WestingHouse

    WestingHouse is coming to the show with its 110-inch 4K LED screen television.

    This has not been referred to as an Ultra HD by the company yet and is expected to sport 8 million pixels, which apparently translates to 4K. Westinghouse has also hinted at some more products, including the "next generation of connected HDTVs." We can also expect Bluetooth speakers to recharge mobile devices.

    [Image: LED TV from WestingHouse]

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    New devices from Samsung including an 84 inch Ultra HDTV

    Samsung has already made an announcement that it is coming up at the CES 2013 with “Something New”. Yesterday it posted a short video on Youtube asking the industry and people to “get ready”. You can see the video by clicking here.

    We can expect some announcement related to flexible displays, a new Jelly Bean based tablet device or some new TV. According to T3 the company has already announced the showcasing of 84-inch Ultra HDTV at the CES trade show.

    [Image: Samsung LED TV]

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    LG will come with its own chips

    According to a news in the Korea Times, LG might be unveiling its first homemade chips at the event. The company has strengthened its fabless semiconductor manufacturing in order to gain a competitive edge over others. LG has already decided to use LG-branded system chips in its upcoming Web-enabled TVs to better power the premium sets.

    [Image: LG TV]

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    Intel Red Ridge based tablet

    Intel is stepping into the tablet war zone with its new tablet based on its new platform named ‘Red Ridge’ which will come in combination of Medfield Chip. In April 2012, The Lava Xolo X900 phone was released as a first Intel Medfield phone.

    This tablet will sport a screen of 10 inches ad will be 8.5 mm in thickness and will weigh 680 grams. This will feature the Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich operating system.
    The camera is expected to be a 16 megapixel one, a RAM of 1GB.

    [Image: Intel Chip]

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    HTC M7 Android phone

    HTC is prepping a new flagship Android phone for launch latest HTC rumors say. The HTC M7 might be released early in 2013. We speculate the date to clash with the dates of the CES 2013. So we might see an announcement of this flagship device from HTC. The launch is expected in March next year.

    According to a story in the Focus Taiwan, 5 inch HD phone will feature a Qualcomm quad-core processor, 13 megapixel camera and a unibody aluminium shell. HTC has asked casing and semiconductor suppliers to prepare 4 million to 5 million M7 components in the first quarter of 2013 reports the news story.

    [Image: HTC One X+]

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    Huawei Windows 8 phones

    Huawei is yet to reveal its new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the market. According to the gsminsider Huawei is to unveil about 5 new devices in the beginning to 2013.

    [Image: Huawei Ascend G 600]

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    Unmanned Google cars

    Google is reported to showcase its Car at the MommyTech event on Wednesday. According to a Forbes Blog “the Google car will be on display at MommyTech featuring its LIDAR system (it’s like radar but uses light)”. MommyTech is an event in the CES 2013 which facilitates a summit and exhibition for “lively exchange about products, design, blogging and life in the CE world”.

    [Image: Google Driverless car Wikipedia page]

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    Apps, accessories and more

    Apart from these major gadgets, we are expecting a range of new apps and accessories to be launched and announce at the event.

    For instance the company which designed the BabyPing iPad app will be using CES to launch products that complement its camera, such as baby heart and breathing monitors according to Cnet. We might see an update on the Google TV. Last CES saw Sony's NSZ-GS7 with built-in Google TV. Speakers, headphones, Bluetooth devices are the other things which are expected at the event.

    [Image: A screenshot of BabyPing iPad app, Sony Internet Player with Google TV ]

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