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Lumia-like Nokia Asha 501 spotted in India, portable charger to accompany

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  • Jun 11, 2013, 18:04 PM IST

The Asha 501 from Nokia, sporting the looks of a popular Nokia Lumia smartphone will soon land in India.


Nokia on its facebook page has announced 'a splash of color in your pocket. Nokia Asha 501. Coming soon'. Launched last month on the 10th, the phone is being made in India. It affordable phone will roll out to 90 countries this month.


It has been spotted at one store with a coming soon tag. The Nokia Asha 501 is a major  shift from the most popular Nokia smartphone range in India, the Nokia Asha. It marks the beginning of a new family of Asha smartphones. The Asha 501 pushes the boundaries of affordable smartphone design with bold colors, high-quality build and an innovative user interface, as this lowers  the price of a smartphone (with a premium look) to just Rs 5400.


The Nokia Asha 501 is the first device to run on the new Asha platform, which is designed to make the experience faster and more responsive. This new OS environment also helps developers to create, publish and make more money from apps made specifically for the new generation of Asha devices.


We have spotted this smartphone at an Indian store. Also know more about the portable charger for the Asha 501 in the next pages.


About Nokia Asha 501


The phone has removable casing and the scratch-resistant glass display, which features a 3-inch, capacitive touchscreen and a single 'back' button. The compact new Asha weighs only 91 grams, for the ultimate portability. 


This dual SIM phone has got an internal memory which can be expanded up to using a microSD card. Additional memory of 4 GB and a Nokia Stereo Headset WH-109 will be in offer with the purchase. Nokia will offer 40 free EA Games 75 downloadable from Nokia Store.

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