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Micromax to launch new Hero Series phones on 24 January

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  • Jan 16, 2014, 14:20 PM IST
Micromax octa-core

Micromax octa-core

The Micromax leakster has tweeted a picture of upcoming new series of Micromax phones on the 24th of January .


The leaster @MMXNewscaster has posted a pic saying “#DecodeTheHero on January 24”. The picture shows a big red circle cut into four pieces by three devices. At the first look the three devices that are shown reveal and thin profile. To us it seems the bottom and left side of the phone, showing a thin bezel. The first two seems to sport a light coloured font side and black (dark) coloured backside, while the third one seems to sport a dark coloured front side and white (light) coloured back panel.


What could this pic mean?


Micromax was going to unveil its octa-core processor based phones this year. The company is supposedly working on the A 350 with a 5-inch full HD display. The specs of this phone was tweeted by the leakster. The tweer said “Micromax A350: 5", 1080p, 1.7 GHz Octa Core, 16 MP, 2GB RAM, Android 4.2”. Since the leakster did not mention this to be adding to the Canvas Series, we speculated launch of a new series of smartphones (including tablets) with octa-core processor from MediaTek. Today’s tweet if seen in line with this January 4 tweet, seems to indicate the launch of a new series with multiple devices (three to being with).


The company is expected to launch a list of new phones in the first quarter of year 2014. Apart from a thin phone in three colour variants soon (probably with an octa-core processor). The three devices in the picture could be the three colour options also, to compete with iPhone 5S we believe.


We bring you more information on what expected launches is keeping Micromax now in the next pages. Go to the next page to know what others things are in Micromax store this time.


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Find out more by clicking on the following slides

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    Micromax Hero A300
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    Thinnest Canvas phone

The Micromax A350 was supposed to be launched around middle of January. The phone is expected to come with a customized user interface. The phone is yet to be formally announced.


It will be appropriate for the company to launch a new series with new processor and customized user interface.


Read the full specs of Micromax A350 in next page. The company is also preparing a A300 for launch.

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