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No more Nirbhaya: Nirbheek revolver launched for women safety

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  • Jan 10, 2014, 13:15 PM IST
No more Nirbhaya: Nirbheek revolver launched for women safety, launches news in English

launches news in English


The Indian ordinance factory, Kanpur have launched a new revolver to make women safe in India.


This comes in after the Delhi gang rape of a young girl that shook India in December 2012. Few called her Nirbbhaya and few named her Damini. This .32 bore revolver comes with the name ‘Nirbheek’  as a light weight revolver that has been specially designed for women. It is just 500 grams in weight and is first gun made of titanium alloy. 


The revolver is capable of firing 6 rounds, loaded in revolving chamber. Misfiring of a round does not affect next firing. It is small enough to fit in a handbag.


The gun was launched on January 6th and have seen over 20 bookings. "At least 80% bookings are from women licensees," says Abdul Hameed, general manager of IOF to a leading newspaper in India.


The gun Nirbheek has been priced at Rs 1,22,360 and is being calles “Indian Ordinance factory’s valuable contribution to women’s security”. The arm can be kept with authorized arms license. Grab look at the publicity material on Nirbheek from the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (davp) here.


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