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Samsung Galaxy S4 might not run on Android

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  • Dec 27, 2012, 13:42 PM IST
Samsung Galaxy S4 might not run on Android, launches news in English

launches news in English

Now that the rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is confirmed for a February release, more and more information is pouring in.

The latest rumor says Samsung could ditch the Android operating system for a different open source platform- the Tizen. According to a report in the Sam Mobile the website confirms “Samsung is busy to introduce a new high-end device!” The first mobile numbers of the device will be GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 (probably LTE version). The company will be bringing the phone is two versions running Tizen and Android.

The number 4 is believed to be bad luck in Korea and the company has never used the number 4 in any of its products says the news. The company might change the model number of the next gen mobile phone in the Galaxy S series.

“This is just a rumor but we can confirm Samsung has started doing first software tests of its new flagship model of TIZEN or Android. GT-I9500 and GT-I9505” says SamMobile.

Tizen is an operating system for multiple device categories including smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart TVs, and more. The operating system offers a consistent user experience that consumers can take from device to device. The operating system is being developed together by Samsung and Intel and its official version will be launched in 2013, reports besuccess.

Initially it was rumored that that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will run on the Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie operating system. 


[Image: Samsung Galaxy S4 concept design for Samsung Galaxy S4 community page]

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