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Security at stake: 16 year old creates Trojan for Windows 8

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  • Nov 14, 2012, 16:31 PM IST
Security at stake: 16 year old creates Trojan for Windows 8, launches news in English

launches news in English

A 16 year old can put the latest product from Microsoft- the Windows 8 image at stake? Yes, a Trojan created by the 16-year-old Shantanu Gawde, poses as a legitimate app which can access a user's private data once activated.

Fortunately Gawde is an 'ethical hacker' from India's National Security Database program. According to TechRadar, “Microsoft has yet to see Gawde's findings and has therefore been unable to comment specifically on the nature of the risk.” Gawde will present the malware code at International Malware Convention in New Delhi, India later this month. Gawde also created malware to attack the Xbox Kinect at the tender age of 15 years.

Let us see what other news reports are saying about the security in Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

A report published in Gmanetwork today mentions “Bitdefender said Windows 8's backward compatibility with earlier versions of Windows may allow Trojans and worms to bypass its security mechanisms.” This report is based a Study.

RedOrbit reported this week “French security company VUPEN announced via Twitter that they had already defeated the new security features in Windows 8, running a zero day exploit on the OS as well as the packaged browser, Internet Explorer 10.”

TheInquirer also referred to a Bitdefender study saying, “Windows 8 was infected by 61 malware threats out of 385 of the most popular malware samples in its most recent test, even with Microsoft's own built-in anti-malware software, Widnows Defender running.”

According to a report in InformationWeek, Windows 8 and Windows RTare about to receive their first security makeover as part of Microsoft’s monthly patch cycle next week, as it mentioned a report from Microsoft.


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