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The Samsung Galaxy Android camera is the best

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  • Nov 29, 2012, 17:53 PM IST
The Samsung Galaxy Android camera is the best, launches news in English

launches news in English

The Samsung Galaxy Camera announced this year in August has hit the market. This much appreciated Android camera is one of the most advanced, impressive and a good gadget said initial reviews.

Mashable says this Samsung Galaxy Camera an incredible device and is a very successful merger of Android with a point-and-shoot camera. . “Samsung‘s daring attempt to combine Android with a serious compact camera has created what could be the gadget of the year says a review by Pete Panchal

Reuters says this camera lets the users to “connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi to share photographs and video without having to hook up the camera to a computer.”

An earlier Cnet Review on 16 November gave it a simple three and a half star rating saying “Outside of its relatively high cost of ownership and average point-and-shoot picture quality, the Samsung Galaxy Camera definitely delivers the shoot-and-share experience of a smartphone with the features of a compact camera.” But in its latest review on 23rd November Cnet gives it a four star rating and calls it as a “fresh and very successful re-imagining of what a camera should be and how it should work.”

The latest review from Gizmodo says “Android 4.1 on the Galaxy Camera is fast thanks to the top-notch specs and smooth thanks to Project Butter. This is how Android on a camera ought to be done.”

TechRadar gives it a rating of 4.5 calls it “one of the biggest surprises from the Korean firm”.

Android community concludes, “In short: the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a big win for Samsung, bringing a great mix of what their cameras without Android are able to bring to the party with all of the greatness of their Galaxy line of smartphones.”

The verdict from T3 says “While we were initially skeptical about the need for an Android-based camera, we were impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. We particularly liked the snapper's physical design as well as the large, HD screen. We looking forward to testing the camera out in the wild.”

The announcement of this EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera, made its way at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin. Last week on 23rd the camera became available at the Indian website store at a price of Rs 29900. The camera has got the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system on it. It boasts a 4.8 inches super clear touch display and offers seamless connectivity through 3G and Wi-Fi. The camera has got a 21x optical zoom lens, a 16 megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor so that you can click images in low light conditions and close shots also.

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