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Lava Iris Pro coming on 25th August, to cost between Rs 13 to 16 K

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  • Aug 17, 2013, 14:31 PM IST
Lava Iris Pro coming on 25th August, to cost between Rs 13 to 16 K, launches news in English

launches news in English


Lavamobiles is readying for the launch of its upcoming Iris Pro Series on the 25th of this month. The company has released two short teaser videos revealing some details about this upcoming phone. Based on the revealed features, we are estimating what the phone might cost when launched.


The company in its teaser video clarifies that the upcoming phone sports an HD display screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 720 Pixels like the Canvas 4 from Micromax. The phone carries a brushed aluminum frame with flat and uniform back panel, which we can assume will be plastic. This gives the phone a very premium and easy to grip look. Like the Lava Iris 504q, we can expect OSG technology glass panel with the front screen. 


This will either be a 5 incher like Lava Iris 504Q, or a 6-incher. A different name for the series “Iris Pro” however points to a mega, which if true will be great going for this domestic company.


Lava Iris Pro running quad-core comes on 25 August

Lava Iris Pro series phone teased, to sport gesture control

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What can we expect in the Lava Iris Pro?


This is an HD display phone, with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. The latest Lava launch, Iris 504q sported the  1.2 GHz quad core MT6589 processor from MediaTek. Since the teased video boasts of a similar processor we can expect a MediaTek powerhorse inside the hood.


The new phone sports a solid look like an iPhone. It has both front and back sides totally flat and a metallic brushed aluminum (as rim) on the sides. The power button and volume rocker are on the right hand side of the phone. The left side seems clear of any buttons. We can expect the memory extension slots on the left side.


Lava has been placing all its 4, 4.5 and 5 inch phones under the Iris name. for the new series it has opted a new name- Iris Pro. This indicates a new premium 5-incher from the company or a phablet to be able to compete with Galaxy Mega, Sony Xperia Z, upcoming HTC One, and others.


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Coming to the camera, the Iris 504q used an 8 megapixel camera while its competitors flaunted at least 13 megapixel camera. With the new phone, we can expect an upgrade on the camera front with at least a 13 megapixel shooter with potical image stabilization.


What could be the competition for Lava Iris Pro?


The Canvas 4 launched by Micromax and Auxus Nuclea N1 launched by iBerry are quad-core processor based phones that got good response from the market. These are placed at Rs 17999. While the Canvas 4 sported a mid-metallic frame and eye regognition feature. The iBerry model boasted a  full HD screen on a 5 inch screen and better processor (MediaTek MT6589 Turbo at 1.5 GHz). With Canvas 4 Micromax went for premium segment, and putting a product in this segment as Canvas 4 competitor is a welcome move by LavaMobiles.


Around the same time Karbonn came with its Titanium S5 5-incher with 1.2 GHz quad core processor from Snapdragon. This phone is priced at Rs 10300 today. Another competitor in the market, Panasonic 5 incher P51 with a 1.2 GHz MediaTek quad core costs 19300 today catering to the premium segment.


What is important is that the Blu life One, sporting exactly the same specs like Canvas 4 is coming to India at 16000. (Also rumoured as re-branded with the name Canvas 4)


Read the list of phones that will compete with the Lava Iris Pro.

Full HD Auxus Nuclea N1 Vs 720p Micromax Canvas 4, who wins?
Auxus Nuclea N1 Vs Micromax Canvas 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4


The SmartNamo phone and phablets are also heading for a launch soon in India. A group of Narendra Modi fans are planning to bring  smartphone and a phablet at below 16000 and about Rs 21111 respectively. This phone with better features and more internal memory will bring the competition to a further lower price point.


What could be the pricing of the Lava Iris Pro?


In order to gain an extra mile over these competitors Lava will need to place its Iris Pro at least at about 16500 or higher to project it as a premium phone (in case it is a 5 inch phone). But Lava has been known to offer cutting edge specs (you can say best specs) in lowest possible price. We don't think in today's fierce competition Lava will take the risk to compromise with its image.


In most likely the upcoming premium phone is a 5 inch phone (anot not a Mega phone), we will also speculate its price in case it comes as a phablet with a larger screen.


In case the upcoming phone is a 5 incher, the company needs to be placing it well below Rs 15000, in order to snact some market shares away from Canvas 4, iBerry and others in the 16K-17K price range.


In the phablet segment the competition is very little in India, with most of the phablets priced at Rs 30000 or above, expect a few. The 6.5 inch SmartNamo will come at Rs 21111, Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1 is available at Rs 23500, Byond P3 at about Rs 12999, Karbonn A30 5.6 incher at Rs 7999. The 5.8 inch Galaxy Mega will cost Rs 21900.


We don’t think with these in the market Lava should go beyond Rs 16K for a phablet, otherwise it might lose to others on price front. Latest report from The Mobile Indian referring to sources familiar with the development indicates a pricing anywhere between 13K to 16K.


Let us know what you speculate.



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