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What to pick, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2?

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  • Nov 21, 2012, 11:54 AM IST
What to pick, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2?, launches news in English

launches news in English

Two flagship devices which have already made a mark in the tech circles are now available in India.

If you remember, the Galaxy S3 device surpassed the iPhone 4S as the top-selling smartphone in the US market in August this year. The Galaxy Note 2 has been awarded the coveted Cnet Editors' Choice award this year. Both these phones are power-packed with features and we understand that these two devices will leave you utterly confused on what to buy and what not.

We here summarize the specifications and features of the two devices for you so that you are able to make an appropriate decision.



Galaxy S3

Galaxy Note 2

Screen size

4.8 inch

5.55 inch

Display type

HD super amoled

HD super amoled

Screen resolution

720 by 1280 HD

720x1280 HD

Operating system

Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


Quad-core processor which is clocked at 1.4 GHz

Quad-core processor at a speed of 1.6 GHz

Primary Camera

8 megapixel

8 megapixel


16 GB and 32 GB; can be expanded to 64 GB

16 GB which can be expanded to 64 GB

Secondary camera

1.9 megapixel CMOS

1.9 megapixel CMOS

Voice support

S voice and direct call

S voice and direct call

S beam feature



Battery capacity

2100 mAH

3100 mAh battery

Talktime offered

1350 minutes on 2G and 700 minutes on 3G

2100 minutes

Standby time offered

8309 hours on 2G, 770 hours on 3G

Not mentioned


70.6 by 136.6 by 8.6 mm

80.5 by 151.1 by 9.4 mm

Network connectivity

2G, 3G, 4G LTE

2G, 3G, 4G LTE

Other connectivity options

Wi-Fi, DLNA (sharing data with  multiple devices), Near field communication

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Near field communication

Color options

Pebble blue, marble white and Red

Titanium gray and white

Other features

Social tag

Pop-up play

Smart stay

Smart alert


All share

S-Pen, shape match, handwriting integration


Smart stay

Pop-up note

Pop-up play

Screen recorder

All share

Comes with a list of enterprise solution


Rs 35499 at Samsung store for the 16 GB memory option

Rs 37900 for 32 GB option

Rs 37990 at the Samsung store.

Rs 36057 at the eBay store.

Our recommendation: Both the devices are great and the only difference comes in the screen size. At the front of display the Galaxy S3 definitely is better. The Note 2 comes with enterprise solutions. If you want to use it especially for your office so that you do not need a carry a separate laptop the Note 2 is great device. In case you need an all-rounder device with more play, less work and a size that fits into your pocket the S3 will be good. On price front there is little difference.



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