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War of the manifestos: 'Street smart' Modi steals the show

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Dec 04, 2012, 10:44 AM IST
War of the manifestos: 'Street smart' Modi steals the show, from the ground news in English

from the ground news in English

New Delhi: A day after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi released the BJP’s 'dream' election manifesto; the 'stung' Congress has been left with nothing impressive to placate the aam voter.
The Congress had already promised a number of sops, including affordable housing, free laptop to students, among other things. 
Interestingly, to counter the grand old party's highly popular 'ghar nu ghar' scheme which saw even some of BJP leaders rushing to grab the forms, Modi has also promised construction of 50 lakh new houses at the cost of Rs 33,000 crore in rural and urban areas. 
Modi said the BJP regime would set up 50 lakh houses for rural and urban Gujarat. "I don't want people to migrate to other areas in search of shelter, I want them to stay where they want and feel at home," Modi told Dailybhaskar.com on the sidelines of BJP's manifesto press meet.
The Congress was quick to blast Modi for stealing its manifesto, asking why his government did not undertake this in the last 10 years. 
Though the Congress on Monday said there was nothing new in BJP's election manifesto, Modi has brought it also at the same place. The party now seems to be left with only one option -- to offer a clear policy regarding how the ruling party at the Centre plans to bring members of minority community into the mainstream since it finds no mention in BJP's election manifesto.
Modi manifesto has been crafted on the lines of insurance for all. It promises sops for farmers, poors, youth, doctors, sportspersons, students and women.
It talks about guarantee-free loans to students, network of hostels for 40,000 higher education students, 'pro-people'' Gujarat,  female courts, holistic development of sports, women enpowerment, e-governance, urban and rural development, IT, new energy sources, agri-pwer resources, irrigation, development of adivasi-dominated areas, Dalits and neglected sections, and most importantly his newborn votebank the neo middle class.
The Congress also took a swipe at Modi’s assertion on the creation of a new neo-middle class in GuMojarat. 
The BJP under Modi aimed to address the needs of a new socio-economic group termed as the new middle class.
“The economic progress in the last 10 years has developed a new middle class; we aim to define the new middle class and work to address their problems,” Modi said.
Eyeing a new vote bank, Modi said: "My manifesto talks about my action plan. The development in Gujarat has not come overnight. I have been continuously working on it. I brought several schemes for middle class and lower middle class to boost their confidence. I will now empower new middle class and bring a new definition for them. We wil set up an expert committee to work on it."
However, chiding the BJP leader, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said, "I think it is peculiar. With great respect it is a little bizarre. It is someone saying I created the internet. If the middle class in this country has prospered, it is because of the policies which have been put in place by UPA government. 

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