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12.12.12: Plans for century’s last triple dozen

  • Vasundhara Joshi, DNA
  • Dec 12, 2012, 05:25 AM IST
12.12.12: Plans for century’s last triple dozen, ahmedabad news in English

ahmedabad news in English

Ahmedabad: The lure of the unique is always overpowering — be it unique numbers or unique dates — human mind can scarce resist the curiosity. And when that unique date happens to be the last of the century, its appeal is compelling. While the layman has gone with the charm of the numbers, the numerologists are divided in their opinion about the significance of the date. While some find no specific significance in the date, some others see remarkable prospects for child born in this date. 
The date is a mixture of the numbers 1 and 2 — number 1 stands for the planet moon and 2 stands for planet sun. It marks the mingling of these two planets and thus the consequences of it, said Harendra Raval, a numerologist from the city. “There is no serious significance of this day. I am completely logical and I think it is just an ego booster for the people, unconsciously it is a matter of pride to say that their baby is different,” says Raval, adding, “It is same as choosing the numbers for your car plate.” 
Meanwhile, lovers like Prashant Cecil, an MBA student, or Rajesh Shah and his fiance Dipika Pradhan, who had been waiting for the perfect date for their marriage for over six months. They have their own plans to mark the date, significance notwithstanding. “I plan to propose to my girlfriend on that day. We will be holidaying in a resort in South Goa and I plan to pop the question then,” said Prashant who has been waiting for almost eight months for the perfect date. “I feel very lucky to be getting married on such an unforgettable date,” said Dipika.
City-based numerologist Nayanaa Brahmabhaat claims that babies born on this date would have distinct personalities. “The child who will be born on the 12th will be mentally strong and diplomatic. However, they will also hit a rough patch in their lifetime,” Brahmabhaat said, adding that even after the probable downfall, they will bounce back the phoenix. Couples will also see financial stability and happiness, she said.
Even expectant fathers and mothers are queuing up to ensure a unique birthdate for their children. “One of the women is going for a C-section delivery at around 7:30am on Wednesday,” said Jignesh Shah, a city-based gycaenologist. “The woman comes from the poor class, which implies the craze for being unique is no longer restricted to the upper class alone,” he said. 
Vanita Parmar, an expecting mother plans to have her baby delivered on the day said: “I decided to give my child a unique birthdate. Hence, I plan to have my C-section on 12.12.12,” said the mother of two.

However, gynecologist Bela Desai says that though there quite a few mothers who want to undergo the knife on this day, but they haven’t been able to do it as the actual dates are a bit late. “Early cesareans are not advisable,” she said, adding, “I would also not like to promote this idea. It’s just a craze as it is a unique date.” 
Gynaecologist Usha Bohra also said that one of her patients showed the desire to have her baby on December 12, as kamurta starts from the 16th, which isn’t that auspicious. 
Jaideep Mehta, a wedding planner in the city says that couples are marrying on this date as they want to enjoy the fun associated with it. “They don’t want to leave any chance to make their weddings less memorable in any way,” he said.


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