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Bhavnagar Road’s red light area draws new plan to cheat police

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  • Jun 02, 2013, 16:16 PM IST
Rajkot: Bhavnagar Road near Rajkot, infamous as city’s red light area, has educed a unique way to escape police action. Prostitutes from Bhavnagar Road operate from makeshift tents whenever there is a chance of police crackdown or a proactive police commissioner takes charge of the adjacent police station. Sex workers operate from makeshift tents or elsewhere in the outskirts of the city to escape police crackdown. In a recent operation cops arrested three prostitutes from a brothel.
The residents of close by housing areas had asked the police to crackdown on sex workers in Bhavnagar after which their activities went for a toss. There were reports of prostitutes of Bhavnagar red light area operating from areas in the outskirts of the city. Situation plunged to normalcy for them last month after police raids were reduced.
Police officials, on the other hand, say it is difficult to contain the operations of prostitutes in the area. They are of the view that sex workers have been operating in Bhavnagar since decades and their ‘clients’ also help them in their activities.
Cops raided a brothel last week and detained three girls after two well-off families lodged a complaint against them. Speaking to the SP a parent of a minor boy said, “They come and lure my son for making money. They know that we are rich and that is why they lure my son.”
The three girl arrested in the crackdown were identified as Savita Firoze Sheikh, Payal Khan and Chaya Das. All of them are residents of Ahmedabad’s Paldi area.
It was learnt students living in hostels approach the sex workers of Bhavnagar for ‘cheap sex’.
Sudhir Kumar Sinha, CP of Rajkot, worked on a tip-off and raided the brothel last week. Sinha said, “We are conducting raids on their operations.”

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