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Ahmedabad: Watchman turns NRIs home into liquor den

  • DNA
  • Dec 03, 2012, 04:45 AM IST
Ahmedabad: This watchman might have taken the plot of Bollywood pot-boiler, Hungama, to his heart and the alluring opportunity provided by the empty bungalow only spurred his imaginations.
An NRI doctor went to the USA after appointing Praful Dave, 42, as a watchman. However, this watchman used the empty house as a liquor warehouse and started selling IMFL from the premises. A few days ago, Ellisbridge police learnt about one Manish Patel, who was selling Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) from a bungalow in Gujarat society in Paldi. However, cops also learnt that Patel lives at Krupa-Sagar society near Shantivan in Paldi. 
Ellisbridge police reached Gujarat society on Saturday and upon entry spotted one person coming out of society on his Activa. Based on suspicion, cops stopped Ketan Thakor, 34, and searched his vehicle. When cops found 2 IMFL bottles from the glove box, Thakor said he bought the bottles from Praful Dave, a watchman of bungalow no.29 in that society. 
Cops lost no time in apprehending Thakor, and then reached the source, bungalow no.29, from where they caught hold of Dave red-handed. They stumbled upon 166 bottles of IMFL and seized Rs24,000 in cash from Dave, who admitted that the bungalow belongs to Dr Nayan Desai, who is settled in the US.

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