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Attention diverted? Bikers steal over Rs 40,000 from car

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  • Nov 08, 2012, 03:30 AM IST
Attention diverted? Bikers steal over Rs 40,000 from car, ahmedabad news in English

ahmedabad news in English

Ahmedabad: Three bikers deliberately crashed into a man’s car to divert his attention, while one of their accomplices made away with a bag containing valuables worth Rs 45,000. The thief even broke a glass window of the car to get the bag.

Businessman Bhaskar Thakkar is a resident of Rahul Tower near Seema Hall in Satellite area. On Tuesday night, after work Thakkar kept his mobile phone, tiffin and Rs 40,000 in his bag and placed it on the back seat of his Maruti Ritz car. When he was passing by St Xavier’s College near Gulbai Tekra at 9 pm, a biker nudged his bike onto Thakkar’s car, which went unnoticed by the latter. Determined to draw his attention, the biker and his accomplice knocked hard on the car’s rear windscreen. However, Thakkar ignored them and drove away towards Polytechnic circle.

The trio then followed Thakkar on two motorcycles and intercepted him near Jhanvi Restaurant on University road. After managing to stop him, two of the men approached him, while one stood near his bike some distance away from the car.

The two men began arguing with Thakkar and alleged that his car nearly crushed their friend’s leg earlier. When he expressed ignorance about such an accident, the duo asked him to come and inspect the injuries their friend, standing a few meters away, had sustained. After locking his car, Thakkar walked with them towards the third thief. However, when he saw the man’s leg, there were no visible injuries. The men, though, continued to argue with him.

While Thakkar was busy talking to them, one of the men slipped away to the car. He then stole the bag after breaking the glass window, ensuring he did so without any noise. Finding the argument pointless, Thakkar returned to his car only to realise he had been distracted and the bag inside his car stolen.


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