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Gujarat: All is not well! 42% Amdavadis are overweight

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  • Jan 19, 2013, 08:53 AM IST
Gujarat: All is not well! 42% Amdavadis are overweight, ahmedabad news in English

ahmedabad news in English

Ahmedabad: 3% of khao-piyo jalsa karo Amdavadis are morbidly obese! It is indeed a matter of grave concern when the happy-go-lucky remaining have stretched their merrymaking to the breaking point, so much so that the weighing scales have sent alarm bells ringing throughout the city. 
A survey on obesity trends covering 408 households in Ahmedabad alone has found that 42% of those surveyed were above their ideal body weight. The survey also found that 12% were obese which took the city to rank third in number of people with a weight that was far above their ideal body weight. Ahmedabad was preceded by Cochin (46%) and Bangalore (43%). 
The survey carried out by AC Nielsen for pharma company Johnson and Johnson covered 11 cities, 5,988 households and 2,616 individuals across the country. Nearly 40% of the total obese population in top 11 cities is on the edge of morbid obesity with a Body Mass Index of over 50. Speaking at a press conference held in the city, Dr Mahendra Narwaria, a bariatric surgeon said that another interesting aspect of the survey was what the obese intended to do about their condition. “In 33% cases, it was found that while aware of their condition, those surveyed did not intend to do anything about obesity,” said Dr Narwaria, who said that obesity is invariably followed by many other lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. 
The survey also found that 52% of those found above their ideal body weight were found to be diagnosed with at-least one co-existing condition like hypertension or diabetes among others. 
The role of eating out in exacerbating the condition was revealed when the survey found that 25% of those surveyed ate out once a month. 23% ate out once a fortnight while 21% had their food at a restaurant or eatery once a week. It also found that 39% of the individuals surveyed were in the age group of 31 to 40 years, while 69% of them were married with children. 
Dr Narwaria said that this was an indication that the obesity in adults increased progressively starting from age 30. In Ahmedabad, prevalence of obesity in women (16%) and men (12%) is higher than national average of 11% and 8% respectively.

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