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Petrol prices in different parts of state

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  • May 01, 2013, 06:02 AM IST
Petrol prices in different parts of state, ahmedabad news in English

ahmedabad news in English

Ahmedabad: The price of petrol was slashed by Rs3 per litre on Tuesday, the steepest reduction in rates in over five years. However, the rates will vary from city to city depending on the local sales tax or VAT. Tuesday’s price cut comes after three consecutive rate reductions on the back of falling international oil prices.
In Gujarat, the price of petrol will see a reduction of Rs3.75 per litre. 
From Tuesday midnight, the price will come down from Rs69.47 to Rs65.72 per litre. Similarly, in Vadodara, the rate will be slashed from Rs68.66 to Rs64.91. The price of fuel in Vadodara is lowest among the top four cities of the state. In Surat and Rajkot, the new price of petrol will be Rs65.60 and Rs65.04 per litre, respectively.
“In the last three months, petrol prices have come down by Rs7 per litre in Gujarat. This is one of the biggest cuts announced recently,” said 
secretary of the Federation of Gujarat Petroleum Dealers Association, Arvind Thakkar.

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