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Gujarat Polls: Watch Modi's train aiming to derail 'leaderless' Congress

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Nov 30, 2012, 04:08 AM IST
Ahmedabad:Have you heard of a train running without an engine? Then how can you envisage a party without a leader to take Gujarat forward? This is the question an ad by the Gujarat BJP directly asks!
The Gujarat BJP has come out with many creative ads that convey a clear message to the people and one of them is the ad on the absence of any leadership in the Congress.
The ad uses two trains to illustrate the fundamental difference between a "rudderless and leaderless Congress, contrasting with the state of Gujarat, where coherence and consistency in policy under one leader has taken the state to newer heights of development". 
The ad begins by showing a train that is lying stopped for eternity. Inside, the passengers are tired, grumpy and there is a child crying as his mother unsuccessfully tries to console him. On the walls of the compartment and the exterior of the train one can see ‘Bhrashtachar’ (corruption), ‘Mohongwari’ (price rise), ‘Ghotala’ (scams). Suddenly, everyone’s attention is drawn to the sound of another train coming at full speed. From the elders to the sobbing child, the coming train draws everyone’s attention and in no time, the train speds off from the station! Once the train goes, its life back to normal- the pessimism is back and the baby who stopped his sobbing to marvel at the other train is back to tears. Just then, the baby’s elder brother asks, “Mother when will our train word?” a question to which no one has an answer. It is then shown that this particular train has no engine, and without an engine how can a train run?  


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