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Gujarat Polls: Will 'Shani sadesaati' dent Modi's hat-trick dreams?

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  • Dec 03, 2012, 05:14 AM IST
Gujarat Polls: Will 'Shani sadesaati' dent Modi's hat-trick dreams?, other cities news in English

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Ahmedabad:If astrologers are to be believed, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi will find it tough to win this year’s assembly elections. Reason: Modi is under sadesaati, the seven-and-a-half year transit of Saturn considered baneful by many astrologers. 
Attending a seminar organised by the All India Astrologers’ Federation (AIFT), they said that it is Saturn which has created new problems for the chief minister. AIFT president Mohan Patel, who has written 108 astrological books, said that Saturn’s sadhesaati will make it tough for Modi to win the elections and form government. 
“In transit, Saturn is currently in the second house from the Sun in Modi’s birth chart. For this reason, even his soul is under the malefic influence of Saturn. Looking at the planetary configuration, it seems Modi will find it difficult to win the polls,” Patel said. He added that for Modi, sadhesaati began in August 2011. 
Popatlal Ratani, an astrologer who attended the seminar, said that all talk of the Gujarat chief minister being a prime ministerial candidate is absurd as planets will never let Modi become PM. He further said that the chief minister will find it difficult to win even the assembly elections as the planets are not favouring him. 
“The panchang indicates that, in the near future, there will be a lot of instability not only in the state but also in the country. The year 2013 will be tense for the whole country despite many good developments,” Ratani added. 
National secretary of AIFT, Jayesh Dave, made similar predictions though he said that the initial months of 2013 will be quite okay for Gujarat.
“But the middle of next year will be bad for the state. The year 2013 can be termed as a year of accidents and shocking incidents for Gujarat. Women, in particular, will need to be alert in 2013 as it may not be good for them,” he said. 
Dave also predicted that 2013 will give investors the jitters and that the recession in Gujarat’s real estate sector will deepen further.


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