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Narendra Modi LIVE: 'Gujarat ka sher' arrives amid thunderous applause

  • Ankur Tewari & Arun Nair, dailybhaskar.com
  • Nov 30, 2012, 11:45 AM IST
Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday once again trained guns at the Congress for "cheating aam aadmi through widespred corruption".
"The Congress has a lot of answer to you... It has wasted crores of rupees in election campaigns... How can 6 crore Gujaratis forget the multi-crore 2G, CWG scams. They are a cheat.... Teach them a good lesson in the upcoming polls," Modi thundered amid a resounding awelcome by his 3,000 supporters at the last election rally in Ahmedabad.
"All Congress leaders are corrupt... Delhi is looting you. A section of Gujarat Congress leaders are also buying votes. They are both morally and ethically wrong. But they should not underestimate voters who will blacken their faces in elections."
Inveighing the Congress, Modi roared: "The UPA  has a lot to learn from the BJP regime. Sadly, it is only interested in vote bank politics and bhai bhateeja vaad (family politics)... Can't they see development in Gujarat. Aam aadmi wants an answer why the Centre has wasted crores of rupees on poor Parliament proceedings. Congress leaders are only interested in lavish dinners and parties." 
The CM also raised the issue of Congress creating a roadblock in developmental works in Gujarat. Construction of more than 40 overbridges are stuck due to the UPA government. They are scared of my popularity and fear that I would eat away their votes if these works complete."
Referring to the behind the curtain acts of collaboration by various parties in Gujarat, Modi said, “Recently Congressmen were in tears. Why? Well, because one 12-year-old child snatched away mandate from Congressman’s hand and fled. Congress speaks truth (sometimes) by mistake. The state where a child is so wise, people are all set to snatch way Congress’s mandate permanently.”
He also denounced the Congress for being 'indecisive' over its chief ministerial candidate, although the party has informally named Ahmed Patel for the post.
"At present, Congress ship in Gujarat is without a captain... When it comes to placating the powerful Patel communitty, they are left with only one option -- Ahmed Patel."

Modi also alleged that the Congress has entered in backroom deal with Keshubhai Patel's Gujarat Parivartan Party by not fielding any candidate from Visavadar constituency, where Patel is contesting.
"When I show a victory sign, it's a sign of development, confidence and my victory. So ensure that BJP wins 150 seats this time. You have to vote for vikas, vijay and vishwas," he said before leaving to file his nomination from Maninagar assembly constituency, which goes to polls on December 17.  
The chief minister will also address a meeting of BJP workers.
A number of other BJP candidates will also file their nominations at the same time. 
Friday is the last day of filing nominations. 
Addressing the rally, BJP MP Rupala earlier mocked Congress Lanka ad faux pas and said: "No one can defeat Modi. I am seeing BJP victory with rose-coloured spectacles... It will silence those criticising the CM for no reason. Modi is a brand. No state has a CM like him..."
Photo courtesy: Ankur Tewari

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