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Gujarat: Vala resigns as speaker to be made speaker

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  • Jan 19, 2013, 05:18 AM IST
Gujarat: Vala resigns as speaker to be made speaker, other cities news in English

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Gandhinagar: Seniormost elected member of 13th Gujarat Assembly, Vajubhai Vala, on Friday put in his papers as pro-tem speaker of the assembly. BJP MLA from Bhuj, Dr Nima Acharya, replaced him at the post, confirmed sources in the House. 
This move paves Vala’s way to the post of speaker of the state assembly. 
Friday’s development is a first such incident in history of state assembly that a pro-tem speaker has put in his papers. “It is a practice in the state assembly that the pro-tem speaker, generally the seniormost among elected members, administers oath to other MLAs,” informed sources. “The first session of the new assembly is convened after the oath, where the governor delivers the maiden address. Thereafter, a new assembly speaker is elected,” added sources. 
This is also the first time that a pro-tem speaker is suggested as the next speaker, as it is the pro-tem who supervises election process of the assembly speaker, said the source. 
“However, there is no rule that prohibits elevation of the pro-tem as the speaker of the House.” Vala, as a result, was guided to resign as pro-tem. The new pro-tem speaker, Dr Nima Acharya, will now administer oath to the elected members. 
Meanwhile, sources in the government suggest two new cabinet minister posts and four MoS posts will be added to the cabinet.


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