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5 homemade remedies to get pink lips naturally

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  • Jun 20, 2013, 16:41 PM IST
5 homemade remedies to get pink lips naturally, health news in English

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Tired of using lip glosses and lipsticks to make your lips look pink? Well, your lips can get the natural shade of pink, by these homemade remedies.
Here’s what you can do to make your lips look pink naturally.
-Sugar Scrubber
Powder sugar and use it as ex-foliate. This perhaps removes the dark layer of the lips and turns it to pink. Scrub sugar powder so softly on your lips. Add butter with sugar powder to form a paste and blend well. Apply and get natural pinky lips.
-Lemon Juice
Get soft and pinky lips by applying lemon juice. Gently roll the lemon juice on your lips. Lemon bleaches the skin therefore it exfoliates the lip skin. Get it done regularly. Scratch your lips mildly by drizzling juice over lips. Get glossy lips when followed persistently.
-Beetroot Juice
The natural reddish beetroot makes your lip attractive yet clears dark spots. The natural stain present is the beetroot gradually decreases darkness of lips. Apply beetroot juice over your lips and get it turn like cherry red. This is the safest and effective home care for lips.
-Olive Oil
Essential nutrients nourished olive oil heals your dry lips sooner. Put on few drops of olive oil on lips and scrub well. It supplies its nutrients to the lips and makes the lip skin softer and tender. Do this olive treatment to lips and get naturally pinkish lips.
-Rose Petals & Butter
Smash rose petals and blend with butter. Apply this rich paste on lips. Mildly Massage lips and get wondered of rosy lips after some days. Continue this treatment for two times a week. The pink stain present in rose lessens the darkness of lips.


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