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Chocolate is tastier to the guilty

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  • Dec 10, 2012, 12:36 PM IST
Chocolate is tastier to the guilty, health news in English

health news in English

Remember how women turn to chocolate binging after a breakup! Sincerely blame your reflexes if you do it too. A research had once declared that one in five women would give up sex before giving up chocolate.

The question that arises is what makes chocolate so irresistible, and the answer is – Guilt!

A study led by Kelly Goldsmith, of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago found out that experiencing the emotion of guilt can increase pleasure, reported the Daily Mail.

It was suggested that women took more pleasure in foods that were deemed sinful for them.

In the study, 40 women were split into two equal groups. One group was shown healthy living magazines with images of people looking fit and slender, the other group looked at magazines whose pictures did not relate to well being.

All women were given a chocolate bar each afterwards and their experiences were recorded. It was discovered that the group that had read the healthy magazines enjoyed the chocolates 16 percent more than those who hadn’t.       

Professor Goldsmith warned that the same principle applied to other harmful pleasures like smoking and drinking.

So if you are binging on tasty chocolate, remember your guilt is controlling your taste buds.




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