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DIY: Make your own aloe vera shampoo at home

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  • Mar 20, 2014, 18:04 PM IST
DIY: Make your own aloe vera shampoo at home, health news in English

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Do you feel that outside shampoos have harmful chemicals that are unknown to you? Thankfully, you do have an alternative!
You could make your own shampoo at home. One which will not have any harmful chemicals and one that will be safe as you have made it yourself with nothing but organic oils.
Here’s how to make it:
•         ¼ cup distilled water
•         ¼  cup liquid Castile Soap (scented or unscented)
•         ¼  cup aloe vera gel
•         1 tsp glycerin
•         ¼ tsp avocado oil or jojoba oil
•         Dispensing Bottle
Mix all the ingredients in the bottle and shake well. Apply to hair, let it sit for a while and rinse.


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