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Mosquitoes become the new gods in India!

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  • Nov 29, 2012, 11:56 AM IST
Mosquitoes become the new gods in India!, health news in English

health news in English

After snakes and cows, the next deities in line to be worshipped are the notorious blood sucking Mosquitoes!

People in Jharkhand’s Bokaro district recently put up a big mosquito statue at Chas and are offering prayers to the ‘mosquito god’ to protect themselves from Dengue.

After a number of deaths were reported from the district, people resorted to faith and worshipped the statue while a priest recited mantras in the presence of hundreds of people. The statue was garlanded and worshipped before a holy fire!

The district reported 130 cases of high fever and four deaths which are supposedly dengue related but it is yet to be confirmed.

The whole situation lies on the lines of how fear triggers faith. The people resorted to faith when they saw the situation swivel out of control.

Nothing out of the box though as when all else fails, humans tend to look up. 


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