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Why Have Researchers Not Found Any Bones Of 4 Million Soldiers That Died In The Kurukshetra Battle Of Mahabharata? Here's The Reason

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  • Mar 27, 2017, 12:13 PM IST
Kurukshetra war

Kurukshetra war

A logical question that crops up in the mind of every fan of the epic Mahabharata and any mythology enthusiast is how come there have been no bones found of the millions of soldiers that were slain in the disastrous war of Kurukshetra?
Scientists have found the Ram setu in Palk Strait, thus giving proof that Ramayana is not just a figment of imagination. So how come there's no proof of the great war of Kurukshetra?
There are two probable reasons for this-
1) Unlike the wars that are fought today, the dead soldiers were not looted or mutilated. At the end of every day, the dead bodies were taken away, and given to their respective family, who would cremate them with honour. 
And as everyone knows, cremation turns bones to ashes.

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    Bhishma death
    Bhishma death
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2) According to Amal Nandan, who studied mythology in Kurukshetra, after Bhisma Pitamah took his last breath on the auspicious day of Uttarayan, the entire battlefield was burnt. This was done in hope that all the warriors would be granted a place in heaven and the land would be purified by agni (fire).


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