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Starting A New Venture? Do Not Forget This One Important Thing!

  • Parul Kapoor
  • Feb 19, 2017, 14:01 PM IST
Benefits of starting things in Shubh Mahurat

Benefits of starting things in Shubh Mahurat

Anybody who starts a new venture, wants it to be successful. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to get the venture through. However, a lot of times, people forget to look for the right time to launch the venture. It could be anything- a new business plan, purchasing new property, shifting into a new home or getting married for the matter.
It is said, that 24 hours of the day are interjected by good and bad moments which are replete with positive and negative omens. It is thus important to look for the right time for the right omen to fall into place.
We learn in chapter 11 of Gita that Time Factor is god. Here's how it can affect your decision....

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    Right time, right seed, right result
    Right time, right seed, right result
    It is said that anything that is kick started at the right time, it is beneficial for a long time to come. It is like farming sowing seeds in the right season.
    Not only does the work reap success, but the ripple effect on all those who are involved in any way also reap positivity out of it.
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    Cosmic push
    Cosmic push
    Anything started at a good time gets backing of the cosmic forces. That's why our forefathers relied so much on 'shubh mahurats' for important things.
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    Happy endings
    Happy endings
    Choosing an auspicious time to begin a venture is an act of free will. And since we have freewill, we should exercise it for crucial decision making.

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