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Bringing Sexy Back: 3 Yoga Postures That Will Help You Get Rid Of That Back Fat Quickly

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  • Apr 21, 2017, 17:39 PM IST
Bow posture

Bow posture

While there is no magic wand that can remove that bulge of flesh you carry on your back without sweating it out, yoga can help you tone it over a period of time. If you do these 3 simple poses regularly for even 15 minutes in a day, you will start seeing results in 2 weeks. From celebrities like Kareena Kapoor to Jessica Alba of Hollywood, they have taken the help of yoga for achieving a toned body.
Today we focus on the back muslces, which is a problem area for many people, even for those whose BMI is optimum. People with arthiritis problems should do these under supervision of a yoga expert only.
1) Bow
Lie flat on your stomach, pressing your belly on the floor. Bend your knees and reach for the outside edge of your right ankle and then your left. Try to hold them firmly.
Inhale to lift your feet and thighs as high up as you can. Shift your weight so that you're resting on your navel instead of your pubic bone.
Hold this pose for 5 deep breaths.
Click on for other effective yoga asanas for getting a toned back...

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    Straight-arm Triangle
    Straight-arm Triangle
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    Ardha Chandrasana
    Ardha Chandrasana
2) Trikon asana
This posture not only tones your upper body, but also your calf muscles.
Stand with your both the feet wide apart and then turn your right foot about 90 degrees. Turn your left foot inward, about 45 degrees. Make sure your body weight is equally distributed. Now take your body to your right side, with arms stretched out (as shown in the figure). Hold the posture for 5 deep breaths and change sides.

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