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Believe it or not: 25 different ghosts found in India!

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  • Nov 26, 2013, 00:01 AM IST

Be it any part of India, the roots of superstition is still very deep everywhere. Although education has reached every small village of our country, yet there are certain groups of people who are still gripped by illiteracy and have therefore kept many kinds of superstitions alive with them, which they even pass on from generation to generation.


Many a times we keep hearing about how certain women were dayans (witches) and that is why they were beaten and even burnt. Although there is no evidence for these talks, still they are very popular among people. 


In different parts of the country, the belief of people in ghosts is also different. They even call them with different names. According to Indian Paranormal Society’s Gaurav Tiwari’s one article, he has mentioned about 25 different kinds of ghosts found in India


Click on this slide show to know all these 25 ghosts…

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