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Chanakya niti: Know your well-wishers

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  • Feb 15, 2012, 05:42 AM IST
Chanakya niti: Know your well-wishers, religion news in English

religion news in English

Chanakya niti: Know your well-wishersMany people would try to interefere in your life and advice you. These may be your family members or friends.

But, you cannot rely on all of them. People may have many well-wishers but there would be only a few whom you can trust.  

According to Chanakya, a true well-wisher does not forsake us in time of need, misfortune, famine, war, in a king's court, or at the crematorium (smasana). These are the six situations where a person's honesty and loyalty towards you is tested.   

He also has also said that a false friend and living in a house with a serpent mean nothing but death.

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