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Daily Horoscope: May 11, Friday

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  • May 11, 2012, 11:18 AM IST
Daily Horoscope: May 11, Friday, what lies ahead news in English

what lies ahead news in English

Daily Horoscope: May 11, FridayAries: It is time to get rid of all the debts taken in the past. You will enjoy happy married life and seniors will agree with your point of view.

Taurus: You may have some argument with your superiors and some experienced person will help you out. You will enjoy happy married life. 

Gemini: You may feel tired but your goals are clear. Your life partner will be supportive today and you will get the money that has been stuck for a long time.

Cancer: You will have a busy day and people around you will be more supportive today. Take care of your parents' help. 

Leo: Someone needs your help but don't be careless. Luck will favour you and you will earn profit.

Virgo: You may find it hard to focus on career. You will get an important work and expect a marriage proposal.
Libra: You will feel energetic today and family conflict may keep you busy. Your business will expand. 

Scorpio: Be careful while signing any paper and read the documents thoroughly. You may suffer from health problems and you will incur huge expenses.

Sagittarius: People on high administrative ranks should be stay careful. Someone may need your emotional support. 
Capricorn: An important and big project will come your way and you will resolve all the conflicts and misunderstandings. Your subordinates may trouble you at work.

Aquarius: Think well before taking up a new project. Trying to take revenge may land you in trouble.

Pisces: Don't be stubborn today and consider the new ideas that come your way. Your elder brother will be supportive.

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