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Feng Shui: Indoor plants that bring good luck

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  • Nov 26, 2012, 14:34 PM IST
Feng Shui: Indoor plants that bring good luck, vaastu news in English

vaastu news in English

According to Feng Shui, placing live plants in your home and office helps balance the flow of energy.  
Here are some tips to help you select the plant you can 
1. Bamboo: These, often recommended as auspicious Feng Shui plants, long live and are easy to maintain. Lotus bamboo signifies purity and peace and brings luck into your home. Bamboo symbolises happiness, wealth and health.  
2. Mass Cane Floor Plant: Also known as corn plant because of the resemblence of its leaves with actual corn plant. Mass Cane can thrive in an office or household with little attention and moderate light.
3. Dwarf Jade: These symbolise positive energy. It is considered lucky because it has five leaves.  
4. Peace Lilly: This plant, with dark green leaves and white flag like flowers, helps brighten any location.
5. Arboricola Floor Plant: Also known as Umbrella Plant, it brings good luck at work and home.  
6. Cat Palm Floor Plant: With dark green foliage, this plant adds to the beauty of the room and brightens it.
Note: Never keep dead or dying plants at home. Even dry flowers are considered bad luck.


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