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For a blissful married life: Decorate bedroom according to Vaastu

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  • Apr 09, 2011, 13:07 PM IST
For a blissful married life: Decorate bedroom according to Vaastu, vaastu news in English

vaastu news in English

vaastu_bedroom_288_01The energy within the house casts a major effect in strengthening the bond between a married couple. In order to make the energy positive, one should try decorating the bedroom according to Vaastu.

-Keep the southeast corner vibrant with earthly or fiery colours. Choose these colours for upholstery to furnish your bedroom.

-Red colour symbolizes the intensity of romance in one’s life so try to paint the room red or use red-colour for other decorative purposes. It you find red colour too harsh, go for pink colour, instead.

-Keep small pebbles or crystals in a small glass or ceramic pot and fix two red-colured candles in it. Lit the candles and keep the pot in the south-east corner of the bedroom. This will definitely heighten fondness and passion in the relationship.

-Hang Chandelier of crystal glass in the south east portion. Fix red bulb in it.

-In order to listen to the tinkles made by ceramic wind chimes, hang it in he bedroom.

-Cleanliness is to be observed every time in the bedroom. Side tables of the bed should be kept free from dust and dirt.

-Decorate the room by keeping a figurine of a paired love birds or mandarin ducks.

-Heart shaped Rose quartz can also be kept in the southeast corner.

-A pair of decorative flower pots symbolizing husband and wife can also be placed in the bedroom to give a booster dose to your love in married life.           


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