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Gomati Chakra: A solution to many problems

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  • Feb 04, 2011, 10:28 AM IST
Gomati Chakra: A solution to many problems, know-your-beliefs news in English

know-your-beliefs news in English

beliefs_288_03Gomati Chakra is a low-priced stone abundantly found in Gomati River. It is used in various Tantrik Sadhana and for curing number of diseases. To solve any problem, they come handy:

-If your house is jinxed with evil spirits, then take two Gomati Chakra, move them overhead the master of the household and burn them.

-If someone is troubled by frequent attack of ailments or the disease is persisting for longer period of time, then string one Gomati Chakra in a Silver wire and tie it around the bed post of the sick person.

-Promotions can easily be acquired if you offer one Gomati Chakra before Lord Shiva and pray to him whole heartedly.

-To flourish in business, hang two Gomati Chakra tied into one, over the frame of the entrance door of your shop.

-Keep Gomati Chakra with Sindoor (vermillion) in a casket to ensure prosperity, happiness and peace.


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