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Hang your loved ones pictures according to Vaastu

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  • Mar 18, 2011, 17:52 PM IST
Hang your loved ones pictures according to Vaastu, vaastu news in English

vaastu news in English

vaastu_288_25Photographs are the best form in which one can gather memories. Everybody wants to click picture with their loved ones to cherish every single moment of happiness.  Looking at old picture makes us feel good about the time that we have spent together with our loved ones.

According to Vaastu, there are few specified directions where we should hang pictures of our loved ones. Pictures of family members should be placed in North-East direction, East or North direction. Picture of other relatives should also be hung in these directions. This helps in maintaining cordial relations between the family members. If at all there are chances of clashes or between people, they will be sorted soon.

Whereas, pictures of the dead should be hung in South-West, South, or West directions. It is believed that by doing this dead people's soul rests in peace. 


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