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Mantra to appease Lord Hanuman

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  • Feb 06, 2012, 14:53 PM IST
Mantra to appease Lord Hanuman, success mantra news in English

success mantra news in English

Mantra to appease Lord HanumanIt is believed that Lord Hanuman is the only God who is still alive on earth. He considered as the protector who fulfils all the wishes.

Here is a mantra that can help you appease Lord Hanuman:

Mahabalay Veeray Chiranjeeveen Uddate
Harine Vajra Dehay Cholamgdhitamhavavye


Wake up early morning and wear clean clothes after taking bath.

Then worship Lord Hanuman and offer him vermillion.

Now, sit on a grass mattress facing east.

Then, start chanting the above given mantra using a redsandalwood rosary.


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