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PHOTOS: This is the place where Hanuman was born

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  • Feb 22, 2013, 10:59 AM IST

Lord Hanuman is one god, who is worshipped by many people in the world. It is said that those who seek blessings of lord Rama, should worship Hanuman.

But do you know where was lord Hanuman born? Lord Hanuman was born in Jharkhand’s most forested area 20 ms away from Gumla district in Aanjandham.

Coincidently, the Palkot Prakhand of Gumla district was also the kingdom of Bali and Sugriv. This place also has Shabri ashram, where mata Shabri had fed berries to lord Rama after tasting each one of them, so that only sweet ones were offered.

This place also has Papasur Sarovar, where Lord Rama and Lakshman had stopped to take a bath.

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