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READ: When should you drink water?

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  • Feb 23, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
READ: When should you drink water?

Water keeps one’s body active and energetic. It is important to drink as much water as possible to remain healthy.

Drinking water after waking up in the morning keeps stomach clean. It also keeps the digestive system of a body in control. Water helps your skin glow. All these benefits of water clarifies that there is no better drink than water itself.

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    READ: When should you drink water?

    However, whether water should be taken while having food, is debatable.  There is a lot of confusion about it. While some people say to keep drinking water in between meals and other advise against it.

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    READ: When should you drink water?

    If people follow ayurveda, then it’s better to avoid drinking water in while having a meal. If food remain in the body for a long time it will give the body all the required nutrients. And if water is consumed while still eating, it will take the food down.

    Excess water in body while eating food leads to improper digestion of food. Also, it creates gas and acidity. Sometime this also gives a burning sensation in the chest.

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    READ: When should you drink water?

    So, even if you feel thirsty while having food you should take minimal water. This water should either be luke warm or normal. Never consume chilled water. Only after one hour of having food, you should drink water properly.

    Water can also be consumed half-an-hour before having food. 

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