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Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

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  • Mar 20, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

The man who preached spirituality in the western world, Rajneesh aka Osho had two main interests – sex and drugs. This fact has been revealed by Osho’s most favourite and trusted PA, Maa Ananad Sheela. Such charges have been put on Osho even before. 

Rajneesh’s student and disciple Sheela belongs to Vadodara, but lives in Switzerland. Sheela remained in a prison for 39 months after she was charged for doing a fraud of 55 million dollars.  

Nearly 20 years after coming out of the prison Ma Anand Sheela recently released her new book 'Don’t Kill Him! A Memoir by Ma Anand Sheela’. In her book, she has unveiled many mysteries of Osho and his ashram.

She has mentioned about Rajneesh’s greed towards wealth and physical relationships a lot of times in her book. However, Sheela’s supporters allege that such things about Osho has been mentioned only to promote the book.

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Based in Mumbai, right in front of my uncle's mansion was Rajneesh’s home. This is why my desire to meet him was fulfilled soon. Although the meeting was the most memorable moment of my life, in reality, it was actually my end.

    I was so desperate to meet him that I went to his house without any appointment. His flat had three rooms. His secretary, Maa Yogi Lakshmi welcomed me at the reception the moment I entered his house.

    Maa Lakshmi then went inside and told Rajneesh about me. After sometime, I was permitted to go inside. Dressed in white, Rajneesh was sitting on a chair at one corner of his room. There was a table right behind him on which some books were kept. In front of the chair were two beds. That’s it. The whole room had only these things. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    For some time he kept hugging me and I felt an infinite bliss, He then slowly left me and held my hands. He then put my head on his lap. I was completely lost and thought I was somewhere else – a place where there is quietness and peace.

    Osho then said, “Sheela, you will come to meet me tomorrow at 2.30 in the afternoon." 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    That night was the longest night of my life. It was very difficult for me to wait till next day’s afternoon. It seemed to me that all the clocks of the world have stopped. The time was not moving. Finally, the long wait came to an end and I went to meet him.

    I told him that it was very difficult for me to pass the time and that I could not even get sleep. I was not even feeling hungry or thirsty and was feeling sick mentally.

    To this, Osho replied, “I hear it. This is natural, because you're in love with me and I am in love with you.”

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Sheela has mentioned in her book that Osho was a unique businessman. He had sound knowledge of his product, its price along with good market knowledge. They wanted to run the ashram, whereby all costs to be recovered. This is why a fee used to be charged from anyone who wanted to enter the ashram. His therapist group too used to charge money for their therapies.

    People who used to visit this ashram were given their favorite food and were charged for it. Because of this, in no time the ashram started making a lot of money. Sex in the ashram was a major part of their therapy. The sexuality was acceptable without any decision. Osho wanted couples to have intercourse without any worries. Slowly sex became the most important thing in the ashram. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    The ashram situated in Pune started developing. Osho’s name was becoming famous world-wide. Seekers were arriving daily in thousands. In no time, the ashram in Pune started getting many seekers and internal disputes also increased.

    Osho was aware of the situation. He called Lakshmi and expressed his desire to buy houses in Koregaon Park in Pune. However, the time was not right to buy houses. Besides, he was not even capable of buying so much property. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Sheila wrote that Osho's ashram had become a sex market in the name of spirituality. The most discussed topic on ashram’s campus was sex. Osho used to preach that people should kill the desire of having sex and accept it without any judgment. Following what Osho used to preach, his disciples started having sex in the ashram openly without any hesitation. According to Sheela, every monk in the ashram used to have sex with 90 different people in a month. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Sheela wrote in her book, “I was amazed to see that despite being at work all day, saints would take time and energy for sex. One day I asked a monk, so he told me that every day he has sex with three different women. The saints of the ashram started falling ill due to living in unhygienic environment and slowly every bed of ashram’s hospital was filled.”

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    As nper the book, Osho knew well how to run his business. He had created a system wherein every part of the ashram had a source of income. There used to be a new idea every day to generate donation in the ashram.

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Ashram monks had to work in shifts. The saints in the ashram were so impressed with Osho that they used to work without caring about their own health. They never used to even get a proper place to sleep. Gradually diseases gripped some. Saints in the ashram used to suffer from fever, cold and other infections. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    The wave of Osho reached the US too, which led to money rain. Osho owned a large fleet of Rolls-Royce cars, in which there were 93 vehicles. He was the only man in the world who owned so many cars. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    A limited power of Attorney was given to Sheela by Osho. In 1993, Sheela announced that Osho will only talk only her. She wanted to run and control the movements of the Ashram. The devotees living in the ashram soon became uncomfortable with Sheela. She also declared that she truly represents Osho. This angered many disciples and they left the ashram.

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Osho ashram located in Oregon in the U.S. is a result of Ma Anand Sheela.

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Sheela’s father was also a disciple of Rajneesh. 

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Osho had visited America only when Sheela insisted.

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    Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

    Sheela in Switzerland 

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