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Secrets of Osho ashram revealed

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  • Mar 20, 2013, 00:01 AM IST

The man who preached spirituality in the western world, Rajneesh aka Osho had two main interests – sex and drugs. This fact has been revealed by Osho’s most favourite and trusted PA, Maa Ananad Sheela. Such charges have been put on Osho even before. 

Rajneesh’s student and disciple Sheela belongs to Vadodara, but lives in Switzerland. Sheela remained in a prison for 39 months after she was charged for doing a fraud of 55 million dollars.  

Nearly 20 years after coming out of the prison Ma Anand Sheela recently released her new book 'Don’t Kill Him! A Memoir by Ma Anand Sheela’. In her book, she has unveiled many mysteries of Osho and his ashram.

She has mentioned about Rajneesh’s greed towards wealth and physical relationships a lot of times in her book. However, Sheela’s supporters allege that such things about Osho has been mentioned only to promote the book.

Click on this slide show to know what Sheela says about Osho…

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