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Vastu tips to keep your pets healthy

  • Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal
  • Jan 28, 2013, 09:52 AM IST
Vastu tips to keep your pets healthy, vaastu news in English

vaastu news in English

Since ages human relationship with pets has been found not only interesting but mysterious also. Even today, people owning pets, love and care for them just like other family members. There is a special kind of bonding that human beings share with their pets. Many of them also experience a mental communication with their pets. 
In authentic texts on Vastu Shastra, great emphasise has been given on directions for location of pets. Ancient but not very popular texts on Vastu, like Vrahamihir Samhita, Aparajita Parijat, and Mannollas give specific guidelines that in which direction one should place resting areas of pets like dogs, parrots, pigeons, eagles, horse, elephants, deer, buffaloes, and cows. Even Ayurvedic texts on Pet health give references of directions mentioned in Vastu Shastra for better health and behaviour of pets at home.   
Documented Vastu case studies, in the last twenty years indicate relevance of Vastu guidelines for pets. It has been found that Dogs and Cows, when kept in certain directions, either got ill or their behaviour became highly anxious. While in certain other directions they remained healthy, affectionate and less attention demanding. And these facts from documented case studies amazingly match with the guidelines given in ancient Vastu Shastra texts. 
Ideally, Dogs and Cows (even Buffaloes) if kept in NorthWest, North, East, and South-SouthEast, they remain more cheerful, healthy and well-behaved. If they were in NorthEast, East-SouthEast, South-SouthWest, they were continuously ill, irritated and had short life. Apart from these pets, if you have pets like Parrot and Pigeon at your home, ideally, they should be placed in the same direction as that of Cows and Dogs only. Then they remain healthy and active throughout their life time.  
In Dubai, people are fond of having Eagle as a Pet. Eagles kept in SouthWest direction are found to have highest intellectual and sharp vision. And, they (Dubai people) were successful in most of the hunting activities. On the contrary, if Eagles were placed in directions that were beneficial for Dogs and Cows, they became lazy, and their performance was reduced. 
Recent studies in the field of Geo-Biology, have shown that there are two types of natural earth energy fields that influence life on the planet. People who were sleeping in the zone of negative earth energy fields, they suffered from incurable diseases. On the other hand, people sleeping on positive earth energy fields were found to be healthy – physically and mentally.  
But in the case of pets, observations in relation with earth energy fields have shown interesting facts. Cats, Ants, and Reptiles always choose negative earth energy fields for deciding their habitat. On the other hand, Dogs, Cows, Horses, and Eagles always choose positive earth energy fields for their habitat. Based on these facts, it has been found that even in a built up environment like a home Cats always sit in negative earth energy fields and Dogs always sit on positive earth energy fields. Probably, even today, they have those internal senses to sense the environment which most of the humans have lost.
In Chinese culture, Feng-Shui recommends having Fish aquarium at the entrance to attract prosperity. But that is not true always, and this has been observed in Vastu Case studies collected from Singapur, China, Malaysia and also from United States. Having Fishes (whether in an aquarium or in a pond) kept in East-SouthEast, West-NorthWest and North-NorthWest not only gives Fishes a healthy and longer life but also reduces the anxiety and depression of occupants of the building. Even as per Feng-Shui, if Fishes were kept in these directions only then such environments were more relaxing and soothing. So they might have added prosperity and growth of business ventures happening in such places due to quality of that environment.  
Everywhere in the world where people are fond of having Horses, they should avoid having Horses in NorthEast, SouthEast, South-SouthWest and West of North-West. Observations made on location of race Horses in different directions show that they were never able to win a single race, their performance was low and they remained unhealthy most of the times. In other directions than these, those Horses not only won the Races most of the times but also remained healthy and attentive to the commands of their jockeys. 

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal is the founder of MahaVastu.

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