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Why is navratri the best time for tantra kriyas?

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  • Oct 03, 2011, 14:30 PM IST
Why is navratri the best time for tantra kriyas?, know-your-beliefs news in English

know-your-beliefs news in English

Why is navratri the best time for tantra kriyas? According to astrology, navratri is the most appropriate time for worshipping Goddess Durga. The navratri falling on chaitra and ashwin month are very important for Hindus. Navratri during the month of aswin is also called shardiya navratri.

This is also believed to be apt time for performing tantra kriyas to appease Goddess.      

- According to astrology, the kriyas performed during this time are the most effective and yield best results. 

- The incarnation of Aadi Shakti, Goddess Durga is believed to descend on the earth and take the shape of idols during the auspicious days of navratris. Rituals, therefore, have the best effect.

- Tantra kriyas are based on the positive and negative energies around the us. During navratri, the chantings enhance the amount of positive energy and wards of negative energy making the kriyas more effective. 

- It is this flow of positive energy that makes navratris a very auspicious and holy time not just for rituals but also for starting any new project


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