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Yoga tip to control your anger

  • Jeevan Mantra Desk
  • Mar 12, 2012, 12:29 PM IST
Yoga tip to control your anger, yoga news in English

yoga news in English

Yoga tip to control your angerToo much anger can land you in big trouble.

According to our scriptures, man should learn the art of control his anger as man is weakest with he is angry.

Dhyan Hari Mudra works wonders for the people who are short tempered.

How to:

Place a mat in a peaceful place and sit on it in padasan.

Then keep on fist over the other and meditate.

Breathe normaly.


This mudra helps people suffering with joints pain and backache.
Regular practice of this mudra helps women with hysteria, short temperedness and irritated behaviour.        

Note: Sit straight with your back upright while performing this mudra.

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