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Your monthly diet chart

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  • Jan 04, 2011, 10:22 AM IST
Your monthly diet chart, yoga news in English

yoga news in English

yoga_288_19A balance diet is very necessary for keeping good health. To acquire strength, vigor and stamina, Yoga suggests certain seasonal food items which can be included in the meals. The suggestions given under Yoga if followed properly, the person can get a fit body.Balanced diet results in good working capabilities and helps in overcoming tiredness and exhaustion.
The seasonal food items strengthen the immune system of the body and thus help in preventing infections and minor diseases. Experts recommend nourishing food items to include in your monthly diet, as mentioned here:

January and February – Ghee, khichadi.

February and March – Include ghee and khichadi in your diet. Take bath early in the morning, if possible.

March and April - Add chana in the diet.

April and May – Fruit of wood apple tree.

May and June – Sleep well, otherwise its ill effects may cause harm to health.

June and July – Exercise daily and increase your physical stamina.

July and August – Include harad (myrobalan) in your meal.

August and September – Take gud daily as it is beneficial to strengthen your immune system.

October and November – Include radish in your salad.

November and December – Increase the quantity of edible oil in your meal.

December and January – Take 2 glasses of milk regularly and eat at least one apple daily.   

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