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Funniest wedding pictures that will make you laugh!

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  • Aug 03, 2013, 10:57 AM IST
funny wedding pictures

funny wedding pictures

Well, the wedding photos can make you cry with happiness, but some of the best shots can have you crying from laughter. For every gorgeous, romantic, smiling photo from your wedding day, there should be another equally amazing picture of something weird or hilarious.


Anyone from the flower girl to the groomsman to the newlyweds themselves can be caught in a hilarious moment during a wedding. And we all know those funny photos are more memorable than the traditional shots, anyway. These funny photos may not be frame-worthy and they probably won't make it into the wedding album -- but they definitely deserve to be seen, shared and enjoyed.


(Image Courtesy: Worldwideinterweb.com)

Click the slides to see ten of the most hilarious wedding pictures we found on internet…

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