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8 ways to beat frustration!

  • Chandna Pandey
  • Feb 05, 2011, 17:51 PM IST
8 ways to beat frustration!, wellness news in English

wellness news in English

frustrated_450Everyone suffers from the occasional pangs of frustration from time to time, no matter how wise, successful, healthy, happy and good-looking they might appear to the world. Here is a list of things which you can do in order to get rid of frustration. 

Start working:
If there is a particular issue is affecting you and you don’t have a remedy to fix it, just start working on something that you can fix. For example: you can invest all your energy in your career, studies or house work such as cleaning and fixing appliances. It will not only divert your mind from the frustrating issue but also increase your productivity.

Play with kids and pets:No matter how much frustrated and angry you are, an innocent smile and giggle of a child will instantly lift your spirits. Spend as much time as you can with kids and trust the magical world of their innocence to help you with your frustrations better.

As an alternative, you can also play with your cute pets to feel better.

Chill with a good book:
Grab a copy of a fantasy-fiction, classic or a self help book if you want to forget your worries. A coffee or a hot chocolate will only enhance your experience. A few pages down the book, you won’t even remember what were you so worked up about.

Take a walk:
Whenever depressed and frustrated, just head for a walk. Take a pet along, ask a friend to accompany you or all by yourself start trolling down a scenic park. The greenery will surely make you feel better.

We tend to build-up a lot of passive anger when we feel cornered in a situation which seems to have no solution. Try to deal with this anger by running, exercising and even better kick-boxing.

Play video games:
When we are frustrated, we become very destructive and want to destroy every damn thing that we can see. However, it may not be a very feasible thing to do. So why not try your hands at gaming. Killing those bad guys in the virtual world is a sure shot way to improve your mood.

Go for a drive:
If all the above solutions fail to sooth your senses, just hit the road and go for a long drive. The hustle-bustle of the outside world is bound to bring you back on track. However, be careful that you don’t get engaged in a road-rage incident due to your hampered mood.

Talk therapy: Discussing your issues with a confidante or your spouse will help you beat the blues more efficiently than all the solutions mentioned above. They will not only hear you out but may also help you look at the bigger picture, which can lead to find a permanent solution to your frustrations.

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