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Here's why even men like women on top

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  • Mar 08, 2011, 16:29 PM IST
Here's why even men like women on top, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

woman on top in sexThere’s something about the fairer sex that men just can’t have enough of. Men love to chase women, pamper them and tolerate their tantrums.

Today on International Women’s Day, we give you reasons why even men like women on top…ahem and that too literally:

•    Woman on top means that all he has to do is to lie down and enjoy what you’re doing to him. He doesn’t have to try too hard to please you, since you’re the one in control of the situation. Therefore, he can just relax and derive pleasure.

•    Woman on top signifies that she’s in control of the act. This in turn means that she’s totally turned on. Men are usually concerned about their performance in bed. You being on top means you’re having a good time with your man.

•    Woman on top implies that you’re turned on, which means that you’re totally bowled over by him. Your man would think that your intense craving for him has lead you to take charge of the situation.

•    Woman on top indicates that she’s in control of the situation. Being in command means that you can take charge of the rhythms and cycles. Play it up according to your mood (women like it slow and steady) and reverse the positions when you’re done having your bit of power game.

•    Woman on top suggests that he’s going to have full view of your front body, which is otherwise tricky even in the regular missionary. Better view implies more arousal for men. So, this way you’ll not only satisfy your hunger for him, but also let him crave for more of you.

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