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'Long kurta with collars always look classic'

  • Anindita Mitra
  • Oct 05, 2011, 14:40 PM IST
'Long kurta with collars always look classic', style news in English

style news in English

long kurtas with collars always look classic Designer duo Varun and Nidhika talk about the uniqueness of their label and the freshness they bring into fashion.

Your line is known by your names Varun and Nidhika. Why is that?
We’re married and equal partners in the designing process. Our work and our designs involve both of us — and we wanted a brand name to reflect that.

When did you start?
We both went to NIFT, Mohali. We graduated in 2006. I worked with Manish Arora and Rohit Bal, putting in two years with each. Nidhika worked with Namrata Joshipura and Abhijit Khanna in that time too. After putting in four years in the industry, we felt ready to come up with our own line. We started in 2010.

What defines the style trends of the moments?
Fashion has become more individualistic. Since we work on a prêt line, let’s talk about the trends here. Bright and yet offbeat colours are doing great and the emphasis is on interesting theme elements. This means, no bling and no more usual kurtas. The cuts are edgy, the details are quirky and the silhouettes are unusual. Women want to experiment these days and this is what is being reflected in the trends these days.

What is the future forecast for Indian fashion?
In India, we have a long summer. It’s hot for almost nine or ten months. We’re going to see more blends of cotton and linen, with light fabrics like chiffons and georgettes. Bling embellishments will not be seen and when it comes to colour combinations, the palate will be bright, but these colours will be paired with nude or neutral tones. Say, instead of pairing a fuchsia with mustard, we’ll see a fuchsia and mustard paired with nude overtones.

Are you going to go beyond clothes and venture into accessories?
We have already done some of that, including designing spaces. It’s all about the aesthetics. We’ll try our hands on whatever comes our way - it could be home décor, it could be cookware, it could be interiors. One never knows.

What is a classic look for an Indian woman?
One look that always works is a really long kurta with collars and a keyhole neck. This is a classic one.


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