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Mumbai girls come together to fight alcoholism

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  • Sep 10, 2012, 17:41 PM IST
Mumbai girls come together to fight alcoholism, wellness news in English

wellness news in English

new_574'Piyega Toh Pachtayega – Say No to Alcohol' is a ai Hind College BMM Initiative in which the students have taken a stand against the growing rate of youngsters turning to alcohol to have a ‘good time’. The ampaign will continue for a week, and will include a large number of creative ctivities to draw the youth – a street play at the Carter Road Amphitheatre, an ndroid game application, “Drunk Dial”, stickers with the campaign logo, ‘High n Life’ party, RedBull will also be distributed in college and at the party, ‘You ooze, you lose’, a bowling game, the ‘Anti Alcohol Board’. An array of humorous nline promotional activities will be uploaded on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and lickr.

The five enthusiastic youngsters have taken it upon themselves to make a ifference to society. Their campaign targets the youth, urging them to take a resolute stand against alcohol. We are organizing a street play at the Carter oad Amphitheatre to spread our cause to the public. A ‘High On Life’ party is
being held on Monday, 10th September 2012 to display the fact that alcohol is not needed to have a fun evening. RedBull will also be distributed in college and at the party to promote the cause. This shows the youngsters that there are so many other drinks out there and alcohol is not an option. An array of online
promotions has been lined up for the week before the commencement of the campaign. Be on the look out for the humorous Internet images – memes- that
will be uploaded on Facebook along with a number of “Bewda Tips” to encourage and promote the cause, ‘quit alcohol’. In the pipeline are limericks,
rhymes and quotes to be flashed from Twitter handle, @No2Daru that guarantee to get the campaign trending. The young ‘Times of India, Brand Potion’ winner
will shoot the main campaign video preceded by teaser videos and videos featuring bartenders making mocktails. You can view these onto the Youtube
Channel, “Piyega Toh Pachtayega”. A Flickr page has also been included with “How The Night Ended” photographs. Not to miss is “You Booze, You
Lose”, a bowling game with a twist that will soon be organized in the college premises to create awareness in an entertaining and exciting way. To be
conducted on a day and time when a large number of students are present, this game is expected to generate much interest and curiosity. Every student that
participates in “You booze, you lose” will be stamp-tattooed to show that they are high on life rather than high with spirits. The “Anti Alcohol Board” will also proudly display their stamp upon it.

Along with the soon to be released Android app ‘Drunk Dial’ and the campaign logo stickers on cold drink bottles sold by the college canteen, these five
youngsters dare to stand apart from the increasing trend of ‘booze and party’.
They are far from nerds, but believe that liquor is not necessary to ‘have fun’. If there is a spirit within, there is no reason for the spirit in a bottle, say the youngsters.


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